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Multi-trader management

One login to view and manage all your onsite traders

Connect all your traders in one system

Simplify your traders management by connecting them all in one backend. Manage menus, set access controls, assign terminals, and see everything in one place.

Split payments

Simplify commission and revenue share models by splitting payments by pre-determined percentages at source. Everyone gets paid instantly and you never have to chase commission payments again.

Backoffice access

Create bespoke portals for your traders from which they set up banking, add and edit menus, onboard staff, and access reporting. Meanwhile, you have super-user access so you can make site-wide edits, view all reports, and access all areas. Dive into performance metrics and make data-driven decisions to improve your operations.

Menu management

Let traders create and edit the menus in the web portal and directly in the live terminals. In this way, they can keep track of their product sales and adjust pricing in real time. Meanwhile, as a super-user, you can assign categories, review allergen information, and ensure pricing is consistent across your site.

Terminal management

Assign tamper-proof terminals to traders and implement site-wide updates at the touch of a button. Support multiple refunds and monitor trader activity, down to the last transaction per terminal. Only pay for it when you use it with flexible leasing options.

Site-wide promotions

Let members or VIP guests enjoy site-wide loyalty rewards across all traders. Set up promotions that can be applied to all food, beverage, and merchandise at the touch of a button.

Speedy onboarding

Get your site up and running quickly with our 24-hour onboarding service for all traders, including individual banking setups.

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