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Outdoor Festivals

These events are usually filled with multiple traders, many ticketed attendees and a hustle and bustle for food & drinks. Having helped various festivals over the years, NOQ truly streamlines catering operations

Site Management

Consistency and standardisation across vendors is important to maintain a good guest experience. NOQ’s platform provides you with visibility across all your vendors so you can keep improving the service provided to your end-customers

Split Payments At Source

Organising commissions and revenue share models between multiple stakeholders becomes complicated. Split payments at source to ensure instant payout to everyone’s account

Mobile Point Of Sale

Take orders in a handheld compact device with an in-built printer, chip & pin and contactless reader, and powerful point of sale software

Electronic Point Of Sale

Onboard multiple menus instantly whilst having a very flexible payment option for your event days

NOQ Express

Faster transactions, increased sales, happier customers. A model that has been trialed and tested at various events

VIP Guests

Go that extra mile for your guests by delivering food & drinks to their table or seat, to ensure they benefit from the best possible guest experience

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