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Operating with revenue models with multiple users, means that trust, manual invoicing, and time are three major issues. Our software allows you to handle commercial arrangements with multiple users, easily


When there are revenue share models in place, currently, all the money sits with one stakeholder. The process of dividing the total between everyone – event organisers, venue owners, vendors – is a complex and time consuming one.


Currently, the customer places an order and pays, the vendor makes the food, and at the end of the event, sales figures are shared with the management team to work out each one’s cut. This not only results in cashflow issues, but also in a lack of visibility.

With NOQ

Instant Splits

NOQ’s system means that commission models with multiple users can be easily handled. Funds are split at source and each one’s cut is routed to their account through our portal, via a simple setup

Commercial Arrangements

Through our powerful backend platform, you can easily set bespoke arrangements to different vendors. You are able to assign different revenue share percentages based on sales ranges or apply a fixed amount regardless of sales totals

Sales Visibility

Our solution gives you transparency on everyone’s sales, through real-time reports. Understand everything from peak timings, to popular items, so you can provide the most customer-centric experience

Management Access

Stay on top of the numbers. Have visibility on your collected fees from each business, real-time. Our management app allows you to get a grasp of your own businesses performance, anytime, anywhere

We are the only platform with the ability to split payments at source,

and easily onboard multiple users, saving you time and money,

whilst giving you the visibility you need to successfully run your business

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