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When running the food & drinks operations at a site, whether an event, food market or food hall, you want to ensure there is consistency across the multiple vendors and that your guests’ needs are tended to. With Cater, you can set up a site, add multiple vendors, build their menus, set pricing, allergens and how you want to sell the food and drinks

Typical Problems Faced On-Site
Often customers are tired of waiting in lines for food and drinks, especially when they are there to watch a sport, an artist or have to wait in multiple vendor queues for different foods
Customers now place a big focus on dietary restrictions, allergens and calorie count, and many traders do not show the necessary information required to make a quick purchasing decision. Additionally, often different traders charge different prices for the same items and customers have no visibility
Quality of Food
It all looks good on paper, the pictures and menu look delicious, but in the end, the food was lacking flavour or was not fresh, and you aren’t able to gather this information from the customer
increasing efficiency and revenues for events

Take Control With NOQ

Site Setup

As a master user you have the ability to set up a site on the platform, whether it’s an event or a venue, and you can invite multiple individual traders to the site

Check & Update Menus

Each individual trader will login to their back-end to load up menus. As a master user, you can make updates as necessary in order to maintain consistency across the site

Real-Time Monitoring

Check live updates on your management app, to see where the service is slow or understand which menu items are taking long to deliver. Access live reporting so you have constant visibility on the numbers

Aggregated Feedback

Receipts, whether in-person or through mobile ordering, are sent to customer emails. Automated feedback is collated on each vendor’s food quality, which will be reflected on your back-end portal

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